Data wrangling workshop for Neuroscience Master students - Part I

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Make sure you have read the ReadMe file.

If you are struggling I suggest you look at the “cheat sheet” documents and/or you just look it up on the internet.

A huge part of being good at programming/scritpting is knowing where/what to look for. I definitely encourage each of you to familiarize yourself with how to use search terms in google or any other search engine and to look for answers in StackOverflow or in GitHub

If you are still struggling after that just try posting an issue on this github repo so I or other people following can help you.

Git basics

Fork this repository onto your github page. You can also “star” it by clicking the little star icon so you will get information about this workshop and comments from others.

Clone YOUR fork (e.g. git clone‘YOURUSERNAME’/Data_Wrangling_NeuroMaster inside a terminal) Open the test.txt file, add whatever you want e.g. “doneso” or whatever) and save it.

Open up you terminal within the “Data_Wrangling_NeuroMaster” directory, and type :

$ git add -A
$ git commit -m "test" #or whatever
$ git push 

You will have to give you github username and password.

Now go to your repository (again‘YOURUSERNAME’/Data_Wrangling_NeuroMaster) and check that the modifications are there.

That’s it first task done!